Working Securely On Vacation

Working Securely on Vacation

Since Summer is here you're probably eyeing the nice weather and planning your escape - but wait! Before you go running out the door with your clothes and laptop, consult our handy list to keep yourself safe and worry free.…

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VPNFilter And Hidden Cobra

VPNFilter and Hidden Cobra

The Malware known as "VPNFilter" has infected over a million routers and can manipulate your internet traffic, harvest personal information, and serve as a launch point  for various internet attacks. More information on the report from Cisco can be found at this link. also has an article…

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The General Data Protection Regulation becomes law last Friday in the EU, a sweeping regulation that changes how companies handle user data in the EU. They're now required to disclose what data they are collecting, how long it's retained and…

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DNS Security At Work And Home

DNS Security at work and home

We talk a lot internally and with clients about deploying business IT security in a complete stack that works together, and DNS can often get overlooked from the security side of things. But controlling and securing your DNS traffic has…

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Meltdown And Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre

Intel and ARM processors are vulnerable to two exploits revealed earlier this month, see the "official" Intel release here: Intel Responds to Security Research Findings We've been following the hysteria developments closely and are deploying OS and system patches as…

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Christmas Tech Deals And Steals

Christmas Tech Deals and Steals

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the team at HTS! Cyber Monday has come and gone, but the build up and after Christmas is basically one long stretched out Cyber Monday. Many retailers have special sections on their sites…

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